Adult Acne Cure

Adult Acne Cure – Finding the Perfect One

August 25th, 2016

Acne usually takes place during our teen years, but a lot of us end up stuck with it long into our adult years. Therefore, we all want to find a adult acne cure that will FINALLY relieve us from this horrible problem.

Regardless of what method you do decide to use, the most important thing you can do is combine the product with a clean diet and a good hygiene habit.

Cures for adult acne are VERY different than those for adolescent acne. Adults find that they get acne from stress, birthcontrol pills or even poor cosmetics. Stress and hormones in certain birth controls, cause our glads to overwork themselves leaving us with acne. Now poor cosmetics on the other hand, cause bacteria in our pores to increase. We all should keep in mind that most of the advertisements on TV are directed at teens, not us adults.

So for starters adults, stick with over the counter medications! Avoid laser treatments and hormonal therapies by all means! Keep your diet free of fat and grease, and minimize oils! Showering daily also helps to decrease acne.

Scars however are a different story. But mild to moderate scars do respond well to most adult adult acne cure options.

Products with benzoyl peroxide kill our skins bacteria completely, which actually is a bad thing. This causes our skin to dry out and produce excess oil, meaning.. more acne. Therefore we want something to kill JUST the bad bacteria, and leave the good! This will keep our skin healthy and free of acne!