Adult Acne Cure – Three Adult Acne Treatments to Help You Kill Your Acne Forever!

If you suffer from adult acne, chances are you’re looking for an adult acne cure. One of the first things about acne you must know is that there is never a complete cure. You can control and eliminate acne, but it’s not something that’s “curable,” like an infection.

That being said, there are many products and supplements that are just as good as an adult acne cure. As a fellow acne sufferer, I use many of these things for my own acne and have found them to work very successfully.

1. Microdermabrasion: For those who suffer from severe acne, microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, successful treatment. It’s not too costly, usually around $80 per treatment every four weeks, and it gets rid of dead skin and smooths out imperfections and small scars.

2. Chemical peels: Many adult acne sufferers have acne all over their bodies, especially their chest and back, and not just their face. To combat this problem, a chemical peel is often a good option. There are many different levels of peels, ranging from mild to intense, that can help you clear up body acne in a matter of weeks. You can expect to pay at least $60 for a chemical peel treatment every 4 weeks for a series of at least 3-4 treatments.

3. Acne cleanse diet: You don’t need to go to the dermatologist for this one. You can actually use foods you eat at home as well as OTC products you don’t need a prescription for. It usually only takes 3 days to start clearing up your acne using this method. It’s not a guaranteed adult acne cure, but it sure works for a lot of people I know of.

Find an Effective Adult Acne Cure

The skin condition acne usually occurs during adolescent ages nine and beyond. Fortunately for many, acne stops around age nineteen. For some of us however, it continues long into the adult years. There is a large variety of adult acne cure options that we can fall back on though and each option is going to depend on how severe the individuals case is. Regardless of the treatment method you use, you are going to want to practice good diet and hygiene.

We characterize acne as blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, yellow or red areas on the skin, inflamed lesions, pus, and acne scars. Over the counter products most often work to treat acne but very severe cases may require a skin care specialist or dermatologists attention.

On the other hand, when dealing with scars you are going to need to focus on a different type of method. Scars are categorized as deep lesions trying to heal, or dark spots on the skin. Scars usually are results of matured acne trying to make its way out and heal.

When it comes to mild or moderate adult acne it is important to understand you are looking for an ADULT acne cure and it will be different than the common curing options for teens. Adult acne usually responds well to over-the-counter ointments and creams. These could be salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. You should apply the creams or ointments to the area affected a few times a day to control symptoms. Most importantly, you must keep the acne prone area clean and free of oil to prevent more acne from occurring.

Other less popular methods, usually only recommended for the severe cases of acne, are prescriptions for anti-bacterial medications from dermatologists, hormone therapy, or laser light treatments. Laser light treatments will dry out our skin which eliminates the acne causing bacteria. Even with these options it is still essential for an effective adult acne cure to practice a clean, healthy diet, and good hygiene. Your diet should include minimal oils, barely any fat and grease, and lots of fruits and vegetables. You will notice dramatic differences in your skin after a few days of this.